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World Diabetes Day Celebrates Nurses

This World Diabetes Day, 14 November 2020, we are celebrating the crucial role that nurses play in supporting people living with diabetes.

As the number of people with diabetes in Australia continues to increase, the role of nurses is becoming increasingly important in helping to manage the impact of the condition.

Nurses are often the first health professional that a person with diabetes interacts with. They can be the difference between someone letting their diabetes control them or learning how to manage it so they live a long and healthy life with the condition.

Nurses play a key role in:

  • Diagnosing diabetes early to ensure prompt treatment.
  • Providing self-management training and psychological support for people with diabetes to help prevent complications.
  • Tackling the risk factors for type 2 diabetes to help prevent the condition.
  • Ongoing care and support helping to prevent serious health complications.

There remains a significant need for more education and funding to equip nurses with the skills to support people living with diabetes and those at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Diabetes Qualified provides resources and eLearning programs to help nurses upskill.

Courses to Upskill 

Posters to help spread the word about diabetes

Please help us raise awareness about the signs and symptoms of diabetes by downloading and sharing posters with your friends, family, colleagues and community.

Diabetes NSW & ACT and Diabetes Queensland have developed resources below:

Example Of Diabetes

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