D-Life app for school leavers and young adults with diabetes.

Diabetes NSW & ACT has developed the D-Life app for school leavers and young adults with diabetes today. D-Life is there to help young adults to manage their diabetes and keep parents’ anxieties at bay, particularly when they travelling. This is a great resource to promote to your patients. Recent HSC graduate and Diabetes NSW Ambassador, Grace Gibson, has lived with type 1 diabetes since she was 11 years old. Now 18, she says that D-Life help’s her manage her diabetes while she is away. “It is very easy to forget important things such as checking my blood sugar, as I experience my newfound independence,” said Grace.

For all those things that can be easily forgotten, D-Life provides reminders on managing your diabetes, from blood glucose level (BGL) checks to three-monthly hBA1c tests, which provide an average BGL reading for the previous 10-12 weeks. It also has advice on a range of topics, such as diabetes and sex, alcohol, drugs, and big nights out.

Grace’s mother, Barbara Gibson says, “[Travelling such as] schoolies creates anxiety in itself for any parent, but when it’s combined with type 1 diabetes, this anxiety is intensified.”

Diabetes NSW & ACT recommends to share D-Life with friends so that even those without diabetes can understand what to do in certain situations. “I am terrified of the life threatening possibility of the alcohol causing Grace to have delayed lows, and of lows mistakenly being identified as simply too much alcohol,” said Barbara.

You can download D-Life through the Apple App Store or through Google Play for Android devices.

D-Life was made possible with a generous grant from ‘Newman’s Own Foundation’.


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