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The Medtronic Guardian Link 4 CGM device

The Medtronic Guardian Link 4 CGM device

Written by Carolien Koreneff, CDE-RN

Since early July 2023, the Medtronic GuardianTM Link 4 continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device is available through the NDSS for eligible people living with type 1 diabetes who use the Medtronic MiniMedTM 780G insulin pump.

When used together with Guardian 4 sensors, the MiniMed 780G system automatically adjusts and corrects glucose levels, every 5 minutes without the need for calibrations*. This will enable users to increase their time in range with less effort, as both systems combined will allow the MiniMed 780G pump to monitor and anticipate insulin requirements based on the real-time glucose data and person trends that the Guardian Link 4 system gathers. It will also allow the pump to make precise adjustments of rapid-acting insulin to help smooth out any high or low sensor glucose readings and automatically corrects for underestimated carbohydrate counts or an occasionally missed meal bolus.

People who are already registered with NDSS and use CGM or Flash Monitoring, can swap to Guardian 4 Sensors at any time, by asking their diabetes health professional to complete the Update or Ceasing Form through the NDSS Health Professional Portal

All people with type 1 diabetes are eligible to apply for access to subsidised CGM and Flash glucose monitoring products through the NDSS, as well as some people with other rare conditions that are similar to type 1 diabetes. Some people are eligible to access fully subsidised CGM and Flash GM products (that is, no co-payment will be required), while other people can access with a co-payment.

Any of your clients who are interested in using the Guardian 4 sensors, but who are not eligible for NDSS subsidy, can contact Medtronic and apply for a subscription offer at a discounted price.

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*If the sensor glucose level does not match symptoms it is recommended users do a finger prick blood glucose check to make diabetes related decisions. The simple slogan “if in doubt, get your meter out” may help your clients to remember this important step in managing diabetes.