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Safe Sharps Disposal

Community sharps are medical devices that penetrate the skin and are used in the home or outside formal medical services.  For people living with diabetes, sharps include:

Pen needles
Needles used to insert insulin pump tubing
Lancets (finger pricker)

Correct disposal of sharps involves placing them in an appropriate strong plastic container such as an Australian Standards sharp container or a puncture resistant plastic container with a screw top lid, then disposing of the container into community sharps disposal facilities.  (Loose sharps must not be emptied into a community sharps disposal facility.)  Community sharps disposal facilities can be located at:

Public hospitalsNews_Sharps Disposal Unit
Participating pharmacies
Community sharps disposal bins in public areas
Diabetes NSW shops
Community sharps or used sharps containers should not be placed into household recycling bin, waste bin or a public waste bin.

To locate the nearest safe sharps disposal location, customers can visit www.safesharps.org.au.