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This quick reference is your comprehensive lookup of diabetes terms and their meanings.

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Lactose -  A type of sugar found in milk and milk products (cheese, butter, etc.). It is considered a nutritive sweetener because it contains calories.
Lancet -  A fine, sharp-pointed blade or needle for pricking the skin.
LCD -  Liquid crystal display. This is the kind of display screen used on the ANIMAS pump. What makes the ANIMAS LCD display screen different from others is its graphic display. Graphic displays make it easier to change languages and are more efficient in using space.
Lipodystrophy -  Lumps or small dents in the skin that form when a person keeps injecting the needle in the same spot. Lipodystrophies are harmless. People who want to avoid them can do so by changing (rotating) the places where they inject their insulin. Using purified insulin may also help. See also: injection site rotation.
Lispro insulin or Humalog -  Rapid acting human insulin analog. Onset of action is faster than Regular insulin (15 to 30 min), peak action is sooner than Regular (30 to 90 min), and duration is less (< 5 hrs).
Luer™-lock -  A Luer™-lock, or Luer™ connection, is a special threaded fitting used to connect the infusion set to the pump's insulin cartridge.