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This quick reference is your comprehensive lookup of diabetes terms and their meanings.

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Advanced set-up menu -  The advanced set-up menu allows you to program additional functions on your pump. These functions include activating the extended bolus or the audio bolus feature; setting insulin limits for maximum basal rate, maximum bolus delivery, and maximum daily delivery; selecting display language; choosing an extended display viewing time; programming an audio bolus step size; programming the length of the auto off feature; selecting a lower or higher level of insulin for the pump's cartridge warning; choosing between a standard 12 hour clock and an international 24 hour clock; and selecting a lower or higher level of sensitivity to occlusion detection.
Alarm -  An alarm is a condition that warrants the user's attention and is critical enough that it requires that the pump be shut down or reset. These conditions include dead battery, pump malfunction, empty cartridge, under-infusion, over-infusion, and occlusion. When an alarm occurs, an alarm beep is sounded, and a descriptive message appears on the display screen.
Alarm screen -  The alarm screen on a pump is automatically displayed whenever an alarm condition occurs. A message describing the alarm appears on the screen.
Alpha cells -  Alpha cells are found in the pancreas. They produce a hormone called glucagon, which raises blood glucose levels.
Amino acid -  The building blocks of proteins; the main material of the body's cells. Insulin is made of 51 amino acids joined together.
Antibodies -  Proteins that the body makes to protect itself from foreign substances. In diabetes, the body sometimes makes antibodies to work against pork or beef insulin because they are not exactly the same as human insulin or because they have impurities. The antibodies can keep the insulin from working well and may even cause the person with diabetes to have an allergic or bad reaction to the beef or pork insulin.
Audio bolus -  The audio bolus is a feature of some pumps that allows you to program a bolus delivery by pressing a button without looking at the pump display screen.