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Diabetes Qualified


Hear from health professionals and leading experts in these 7 diabetes podcasts highlighting key topics ranging from how to recognise diabetes distress to common food questions for people living with diabetes. These podcasts are for health professionals wanting information on how to support people living with diabetes.

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Diabetes Distress and Burnout

Linda Farrugia from Diabetes Qualified talks to Dr Vered Gordon, a GP and the General Practice education program developer for the Black Dog Institute. They discuss the importance of emotional wellbeing for people living with diabetes and how to recognise diabetes distress or burnout, and the support and guidance you can offer. We also offer a range of online courses to help you support people with diabetes. For more information on mental health visit the Black Dog Institute.

Just Been Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

Angela Blair, Credentialed Diabetes Educator talks to Sue Ellen who has just been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. They discuss her diagnosis, and answer some of her questions and concerns.


Katie Allison, accredited practicing dietitian at Diabetes NSW & ACT and Dr Lisa Robins, clinical physiologist discuss diabulimia – the intentional misuse of insulin for people living with type 1 diabetes for weight control.

Understanding Diabetes Tests

Angela Blair and Carolien Koreneff, Credentialed Diabetes Educators at Diabetes NSW & ACT discuss diabetes tests taken when you are diagnosed with diabetes and post your diabetes diagnosis.

National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) support services

Angela Blair, Credentialed Diabetes Educator at Diabetes NSW & ACT talks to Mark Bennet, NDSS helpline team leader about the support services that the NDSS provides. For more information visit the NDSS website. 

Hearing Loss and Diabetes

Chris Brew, Senior Audiologist Connect Hearing discusses Hearing Loss and Diabetes with Angela Blair, Credentialed Diabetes Educator at Diabetes NSW & ACT.  Chris and Angela debunk myths and assumptions along the way, discuss how to recognise the signs and symptoms of hearing loss, the impact it can have on a persons life, and how to refer people for a hearing assessment.