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BD Insulin Injection Demonstration Videos


As a BD Diabetes Care partner, we are delighted to share some demonstration videos that may assist the people you see and/or their carers to inject diabetes medication correctly. People new to injectable therapy or those who have been injecting their medication for some time and have inadvertently developed some less than ideal habits, may also benefit from watching these videos.

BD Diabetes Care focuses on the provision of high-quality pen needles, insulin syringes and education services to help people administer injections more easily . You can view the BD range and purchase product on the diabetes shop here.

The videos are hosted by Diabetes NSW & ACT Credentialed Diabetes Educator Carolien Koreneff, and cover off the following components of correct injection technique:

  • how to attach a pen needle to the medication pen
  • priming the needle prior to an injection
  • how to inject medication correctly
  • how to dispose of a used pen needle

For healthcare professional CPD education on correct injection techniques for administering insulin, lipohypertrophy, and the importance of Safety engineered devices (SEDs) enrol in the free BD  Injection Technique Best Practice Webinar here.

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