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Proudly supported by Diabetes NSW & ACT and Diabetes Queensland.

A new online course to help Pharmacy Assistants provide better support to people living with diabetes has been launched this month by Diabetes Qualified, the Health Professional training arm of Diabetes NSW & ACT.
Diabetes is one of the fastest growing chronic health conditions in Australia. One in four Australian adults over the age of 25 lives with diabetes or prediabetes. Sturt Eastwood, CEO, Diabetes NSW & ACT, said “diabetes is a complex condition that requires daily monitoring, management and care, you can’t underestimate the role Pharmacy Assistants play in helping people maintain good health. Most people with diabetes will visit their pharmacy more frequently than they see any other health care professional.”
Knowledge about type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes amongst Pharmacy Assistants varies. The Practical Diabetes for Pharmacy Assistants course aims to increase knowledge of all types of diabetes and give Pharmacy Assistants the confidence to initiate and participate in supportive, helpful and meaningful conversations with people living with diabetes. This increased knowledge will result in better customer service due to a greater awareness of the needs of people with diabetes.

The program is sponsored by Ascensia Diabetes Care who wanted to do something practical to support both their pharmacy customers and people with diabetes.


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