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Position Statement: A new language for diabetes

Diabetes Australia’s position statement ” A new language for diabetes” outlines the language that should be used to improve communications with and about people with diabetes.

The power of language
People are sensitive to the implications of the words and phrases used to describe, categorise and label aspects of their identity; language can define them and their health.
Language, and the attitudes it reflects, can affect self-confidence and motivation, and influence health and well-being directly or indirectly. Certain words and phrases can be de-motivating, inaccurate or even harmful. So, when communicating with and about people with diabetes, it is important to consider how your choice of language could affect their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Diabetes Australia recommends using language that encourages positive interactions, and positive outcomes when the person with diabetes leaves the interaction. Careful use of language applies equally to the conduct of health services, health professionals, family, friends and colleagues of people with diabetes, and the media. Furthermore, people with diabetes may do themselves a disservice if they also use negative language. Download the full position statement here