Optisulin to Replace Lantus

By Donna Itzen, Pharmacist Diabetes QLD.

Sanofi has released a second brand formulation of insulin glargine 100 units/ml. The new preparation is called OPTISULIN® and is already listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) as of 1st January, 2020. It is currently listed alongside  LANTUS® which will be removed from the PBS as of the 1st July, 2020. Read more for what you need to know:


  • OPTISULIN® is a second brand of insuline glargine 100 units/ml and is ‘A’ flagged, which means pharmacies can substitute without prescriber endorsement.
  • The formulation, excipients and manufacturing process of OPTISULIN® is the same as LANTUS®.
  • People currently using LANTUS® may transition to OPTISULIN®. No dose adjustment is required when transitioning from LANTUS® to OPTISULIN® and patients should continue to titrate/adjust their dose as directed by their treating clinician.
  • OPTISULIN® is available in disposable pens (SoloStar®) and cartridges for reusable pens (AllStar Pro® and JuniorStar®). The cartridges will fit in existing Sanofi reusable pens.
  • As with LANTUS®, reusable pens from other companies are not correctly calibrated for OPTISULIN® dosing and should not be used.
  • Toujeo (insulin glarginr 300 units/ml) will continue as previously.
  • Through a partnership with the Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA), Sanofi insulin patients can call 1900 2 746 753 and speak with a Credentialled Diabetes Educator (CDE). This includes a translator service and is free.
  • OPTSULIN® PBS code is 9039R.
    • Cartridges or disposable pens quantity 5 packs of 5 cart/pens with 1 repeat
    • Safety price $41.00 general and $6.60 concessional
    • Unrestricted


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