‘Keepsight’ helping prevent diabetes related blindness

Most diabetes-related blindness is preventable, however too many people are losing sight because they aren’t getting their eyes checked within recommended timeframes. Encouraging more people to get eye checks more regularly will help people keep their sight.

KeepSight, a new eye check reminder program for people with diabetes, will engage with 1.3 million people registered with the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) to encourage them to schedule regular eye examinations. This will drive thousands of people to Australia’s optometrists and ophthalmologists enabling timely detection and treatment.

Find out how you can be involved here. 


The new KeepSight program is supported by leading diabetes and eye health groups and is funded by the Australian Government, Spescavers, Bayer and Novartis. Program partners include Diabetes Australia, Vision 2020 Australia, Centre for Eye Research Australia and Oculo.

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