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1 in four Australian adults has either diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance.

Healthcare professionals are at the front line of diabetes education and management. But its not just up to the individual professional. Healthcare practices can complement and enhance the expertise and actions of their team members to create synergistic performance and even better health outcomes for patients.

The advantages of a whole-of-practice approach to diabetes management is many:

  • Knowledge across practice team members is consistent, giving both practitioners and the patient greater confidence when dealing with diabetes
  • Practice operations can be streamlined to be more efficient, saving time for multiple team members
  • Efficient practice operations and standardised procedures for diabetes patient interactions mean your practice can make the most of the available medicare rebates
  • Appropriately-trained practice staff have can tap into the NDSS funding to deliver diabetes education to patients, giving your patients increased awareness of their condition.
  • Building a network of health professionals around your practice will improve your patients’ self-management.

Diabetes Qualified has a range of educational programs that will enable you to achieve these outcomes for your practice, whether you are in General Practice, Podiatry or Optometry/Ophthalmology.

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