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Having day surgery?

Day surgery

Having diabetes means some additional considerations and precautions need to be taken when undergoing day procedures of surgery. These become even more important when fasting or anaesthetic is required.

Planning should start as soon as you know that you require the procedure.

Taking an active role and keeping health care teams (diabetes and surgical) informed well before the event will enable things to run smoothly.

Important points to keep in mind:

  • Develop a plan with your diabetes team. Discuss any concerns regarding the procedure and your diabetes management before, during and after surgery. This will include fasting, and alterations to your medication or insulin routine
  • Informing the surgical team in advance about your diabetes may enable you to be scheduled early in the morning to minimise disruptions to your diabetes routine
  • Maintaining blood glucose levels within your target range will help reduce your chance of infection or complication
  • Depending on your surgery and post-surgical care, there may need to be adjustments to your diabetes routine during recovery or rehabilitation.