What is GiLICIOUS?

A new food brand developed by the Glycemic Index Foundation, who are a not-for-profit health promotion charity supported by the University of Sydney and Diabetes NSW & ACT.  The GI Foundation’s mission is to contribute to an improvement in public health by raising awareness and understanding of the health benefits of low GI foods, and assisting food suppliers in providing  the community in making nutritionally healthier food choices using the GI.  High-level scientific evidence proves following a low GI diet helps to manage and prevent health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Why has Diabetes Qualified recommended the range of products?

As diabetes educators, Diabetes Qualified approves of a healthy low GI diet to help manage blood glucose levels. Whilst every individual needs personalised dietary advice from an Accredited Practicing Dietitian to suit their situation, these products are healthy low/lower GI options, and likely a good choice for people living with diabetes if consumed in the right portions. For GiLICIOUS product information click here

How do I learn more about the benefits of a Low GI Diet?

Enrol in the free webinar put together by the Glycemic Index Foundation, Diabetes Qualified and Diabetes NSW & ACT to help you better understand the GI of foods and explain the evidence behind the low GI diet for managing diabetes and good health. Click here to enrol now

There is significant evidence that low GI diets decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes, and improve the management of diabetes.

Supporting scientific paper: Low-glycemic index diets as an intervention for diabetes: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Low-GI diets may be useful for glycemic control and may reduce body weight in people with prediabetes or diabetes. Zafar et al,  The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, nqz149.

For further information about Glycemic Index visit their website www.gisymbol.com

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