GiLICIOUS Launch – a food brand dedicated to helping prevent Type 2 diabetes

We are proud to announce that Glycemic Index Foundation and Diabetes NSW & ACT have launched the world’s first profit-for-purpose food brand dedicated to preventing Type 2 diabetes and obesity – GiLICIOUS. It will improve the health of Australians by not only putting a range of better carbs on supermarket shelves but funding diabetes prevention and education programs. Additionally GiLICIOUS will give the Glycemic Index Foundation more of a voice to educate Australians on the evidence-based benefits of a low GI diet.

The first product in the GiLICIOUS range is a lower GI potato – one of the country’s most loved vegetables that is typically high GI. In addition to being certified lower GI, they have 25% less carbs than regular potatoes, are suitable for people managing their blood sugars and recommended by Diabetes Qualified. As a diabetes educator provider, Diabetes Qualified supports the clinical benefits of a healthy low GI diet to help manage blood glucose levels. Whilst every individual needs personalised dietary advice from an Accredited Practicing Dietitian to suit their individual needs, these products are healthy low/lower GI carbohydrate options and are a better choice for people living with diabetes when consumed in the appropriate portions.

They have been grown by natural cross breeding of select potato seeds and without the use of biotechnology and are lower GI due to their unique starch characteristics which makes them more slowly digested and absorbed, resulting in a lower and slower rise in blood glucose levels.

The potatoes are on shelf now in Woolworths across NSW.

For further information about Glycemic Index visit their website

Enrol in the free webinar put together by the Glycemic Index Foundation, Diabetes Qualified and Diabetes NSW & ACT to help you better understand the GI of foods and explain the evidence behind the low GI diet for managing diabetes and good health. Click here to enrol now


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