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Feel fantastic this festive season

Feel fantastic this festive season

At the Diabetes Shop, we’re not about selling you, or your clients, a fad diet. We’re all about supporting the everyday, sensible food choices that keep us feeling fantastic and glucose levels under control. As part of this commitment, we offer a range of cookbooks and guides that promote healthy eating and provide ways to make it pleasurable and easy

Our cookbook range is selected with care and features books that support a variety of diets and eating patterns, suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds – not just people living with diabetes

When selecting cookbooks for the shop, we take a holistic approach based on the following key principles:

  • Meals can be easily prepared and cooked at home
  • Ingredients are minimally processed
  • Portion sizes are clear
  • Supports mindful eating
  • Most ingredients are from the five food groups

We offer a wide range of books on low GI cooking, including the new ‘Healthy Living: Low GI Diabetes Guide‘ by the Glycemic Index Foundation and the pocket sized ‘Traffic Light Guide to Food: Australian Carbohydrate Counter.’ Additionally, we have the always popular CSIRO and ‘The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook,’ which focuses not only on diet but also on lifestyle. For those seeking easy and nutritious options, we have the ‘4 Ingredients Healthy Diet.’ We even provide a ‘Healthy Shopping Guide‘ to help make navigating the supermarket less of a minefield.

The Diabetes Shop also offers a small range of nutrition aids. This includes plate tear sheet pads that can assist you with healthy eating discussions with clients. They’re a fantastic visual aid to empower your clients to make healthy choices. They make it easy for clients to understand how to create a balanced meal that includes all the necessary nutrients

We’re also excited to introduce the new and hugely popular Portion Perfection Porti-Prepper, designed to take the guess work out of making lunch. This meal container features three compartments with healthy food suggestions printed on each, providing your clients with guidance on how to portion out their meals. Additionally, it comes with a leaflet with some nutritious meal ideas. A great product for your clients as it provides ongoing support.

We know it’s a tough gig discussing portion sizes, vegetables and regular exercise with clients during the festive season. Therefore, for Diabetes Link readers and their clients, we have a special offer. This November, the Diabetes Shop is providing a 15% discount on our cookbook range. Simply access your discount by clicking this link, which will automatically apply the discount to your order, or use the code ‘EasyCookingDQ‘ at checkout.”

We hope to see you on the shop!