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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a wealth of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited eLearning programs available on the Diabetes Qualified website. These eLearning programs have been tailored to specific health professional occupations including; nurses, pharmacists, dietitans, podiatrists, exercise professionals and allied health. Find a course specific to your occupation or interest, on our CPD accredited course page. You can also access webinars, podcasts and articles that may count towards self assessed CPD, depending on your profession.

To become a Credentialled Diabetes Educator (CDE) you need to complete a Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education and Management and complete hours in practicing diabetes education. Our article, ‘How to become a Credentialled Diabetes Educator‘ explains the process in more detail. 

You can also get in touch with the Australian Diabetes Educators Association who manage the credentialling process, to find out more information. 

We have a range of fact sheets to support people living with diabetes. Our fact sheet range includes; diabetes care, mental wellbeing, food and exercise as well as information on the Annual Cycle of Care. We also have printable posters, tools and bilingual resources.

There are also a range of online programs that you can refer people living with diabetes, including:

Type 2 diabetes and me — an online program for people who are newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The program has 10 short, interactive modules including healthy meal ideas, understanding food labels, important diabetes health check and tips to increase physical activity. 

Living with insulin online – an online program for people who have recently started using insulin as part of their diabetes management. The program has 11 short modules covering insulin medications, injections, how to manage high and low blood glucose levels as well as helpful tips on managing insulin while driving, travelling and eating out.  

Carb counting online – an online program for people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes who would like to learn different methods and tools to count carbohydrates from their foods. The program has 11 short modules to help people build their confidence and knowledge with carb counting. 

Ready Set Go, Let’s Move online – an online program to encourage people to become (more) physically active. The program takes approximately 2 hours to complete and aims to encourage and motivate people to understand the importance of exercise, guides them to create a personalised activity plan as well as consider potential stumbling blocks that have prevented or stopped them from exercise in the past. 

The State and Territory organisations run a variety of group education programs for people living with diabetes.

Diabetes NSW & ACT events click here

Diabetes QLD events click here

Type 2 Diabetes and Me online learning program

The National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) has developed a free online course to help people learn more about living with diabetes, show them where to go for support and provide links to additional information and resources. Participants can enrol here to start learning today


Do you support people with diabetes who are using or transitioning to insulinLiving with Insulin is an online learning hub to help them become more confident in using insulin. 10 short interactive modules covering a range of important topics are available. No logins or downloads are required, so anyone with a computer or mobile device with internet can get started straight away.

Refer the people you see to start learning online today!  Click here to access the education 

You have 12 months access to complete any Diabetes Qualified eLearning program that you have purchased (Beat It Trainer has 24 months access). After 12 months your access to the course will not be available but your eLearning login will still be valid so you can continue to enrol in webinars or purchase additional online programs.

Once all the modules have been completed and any assessments or knowledge checks passed a ‘certificate of completion’ is provided after you complete the course evaluation. This is available to download in your student learning management system.

You can reset your password on the student login page by clicking forgot my password here

Yes, we can deliver the below unit:

CHCCCS001 – Address the needs of people with chronic diseas

We have two online eLearning programs specifically about how to care for children with type 1 diabetes. These include: 

Practical Diabetes for Childcare Educators – an online course for early childcare educators and support staff who want to increase their knowledge and confidence in supporting a child with type 1 diabetes. In this two hour course you will learn what diabetes is, how it is managed, including your role in the delivery of insulin and monitoring of glucose levels. 

Looking after a child with diabetes – a FREE online course for family, friends, babysitters and nannies who care for a child with type 1 diabetes. In this one hour course you will learn what diabetes is, how it is managed and the equipment, information and instructions you will need to know from the parents.  

If you are looking for information for kids, teens, parents and carers you can also visit the as1diabetes website.

Diabetes in Schools, is an initiative by Diabetes Australia. It provides information and a training program designed to support students with type 1 diabetes.

Allow pop-ups

The course itself loads as a pop-up from your browser, so please also ensure you allow pop-ups. You may get a message saying a pop-up window has been blocked. You can enable the pop-ups by following the steps in the screenshot below, or you can click here for instructions for how to allow pop-ups in Google Chrome. If this doesn’t work then please contact us for support.

For most assessments you have three attempts to pass the test. If you haven’t passed the assessment after three attempts, you will no longer have access to it and you usually won’t be able to complete the course. To discuss if it’s possible to get another attempt please contact us.

We recommend using Google Chrome as your internet browser for accessing our learning management system. You can download it for free here . We do support Internet Explorer as this is now out of date and is being replaced by Microsoft Edge.

 We currently don’t provide practical training on administering insulin, but are keen to do so in the future. Register you interest via the Contact Us Page, if you would like to be kept up to date. In the meantime you may want to consider our other digital programs for Health Care workers which would provide a good basic understanding of diabetes – Practical Diabetes for Disability Support Workers or Practical Diabetes for Aged Care.

Yes we offer online professional development diabetes training programs for Aged Care Workers and Disability Support Workers. Practical Diabetes for Disability Support Workers or  Practical Diabetes for Aged Care Workers are 2 hour diabetes training courses.

To find out about our Provider Training and endorsement options talk to us.