What CPD training can I do?

We have a range of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited eLearning programs available on the Diabetes Qualified website. You can also access webinars, podcasts and articles that may count towards self assessed CPD, depending on your profession. To view our CPD accredited courses click here 

What resources can I give to my patients?

We have a range of fact sheets here on the website on various topics to support people living with diabetes. If you are a Diabetes Qualified member you can access extra resources in the membership portal. Join today. 

What events do you run for my patients?

The State and Territory organisations run a variety of group education programs for people living with diabetes.

Diabetes NSW & ACT events click here

Diabetes QLD events click here

Is there an online learning program for people living with diabetes?

The National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) has developed a free online course to help people learn more about living with diabetes, show them where to go for support and provide links to additional information and resources.

Participants can enrol here to start learning today

How long do I have to complete the online course?

You have 12 months access to any Diabetes Qualified eLearning program that you have purchased ( Beat It Trainer has 24 months access). After 12 months your access to the course will not be available but your eLearning login will still be valid so you can continue to enrol in webinars or purchase additional online programs.

Do I receive a certificate of completion?

Once all the modules have been completed and any assessments or knowledge checks passed a ‘certificate of completion’ is provided after you complete the course evaluation. This is available to download in the student learning management system.

I’ve forgotten my password to login to my course

You can reset your password on the student login page by clicking forgot my password here

Do you have any nationally recognised training courses?


This program includes competency codes CHCCCS001 and CHCCCS023 for more information click here

Why has Diabetes Qualified recommended the GiLICIOUS potatoes?

As diabetes educators, Diabetes Qualified approves of a healthy low GI diet to help manage blood glucose levels. Whilst every individual needs personalised dietary advice from an Accredited Practising Dietitian to suit their situation, these products are healthy low/lower GI options, and likely a good choice for people living with diabetes if consumed in the right portions.

For more information about GiLICIOUS visit their website www.gisymbol.com

Click here to enrol in the free webinar put together by the Glycemic Index Foundation, Diabetes Qualified and Diabetes NSW & ACT to help you better understand the GI of foods and explain the evidence behind the low GI diet for managing diabetes and good health.

Do you provide training on how to deliver insulin?

Diabetes Qualified does not currently offer training on how to to deliver insulin. You need to contact a Credentialed Diabetes Educator (CDE) who may be able to assist. To find a CDE in your area visit the Australian Diabetes Educators Association here .

We do offer a range of eLearning programs that can have been designed for those who would like to update or increase their diabetes and diabetes management knowledge, and improve their ability to support the person living with diabetes. Click here to see our range of courses


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