Endocrinology Research Review – Issue 51

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In the latest edition features include:

–  Asfotase alfa for infants and young children with HPP
–  Asfotase alfa in an adult with infantile-onset HPP
–  Vertebral fractures & BMD in HIV & hepatitis-infected patients
–  Long-term effects of IV zoledronate in HIV-infected men
–  Long-term persistence with denosumab in osteoporosis patients
–  Zoledronate after odanacatib in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis
–  Effect of alendronic acid on fracture healing
–  Cost-efficacy of interventions after upper extremity fracture
–  Treating myeloma bone disease with combination therapies
–  Diagnosis & management of Paget’s disease of bone in adults
–  Effects of TNF inhibitor therapy on BMD in ankylosing spondylitis
–  Denosumab vs alendronate in hemodialysis patients
–  The efficacy and safety of menatetrenone for osteoporosis

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