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Diabetes Qualified

Do you have clients that live with, or are at risk of developing diabetes?

Do you have clients that live with, or are at risk of developing diabetes?

Diabetes Australia has united to act and change the outlook and outcomes for people living with diabetes and those at risk, for the better.

They are building a large, connected community of people living with, or at risk of diabetes, through their membership program.

Right now, your clients* can sign up for a FREE 3-month trial of membership and gain all the benefits of a paid membership (apart from a hard copy of the member magazine Circle, they will receive an online version).

A membership with Diabetes Australia is your client’s connection to:  

  • a community of others who understand the day-to-day challenges of living with diabetes  
  • the care, support, and resources to help them manage their diabetes in a way that suits them   
  • an organisation who can champion and advocate for the issues important to the diabetes community  
  • a commitment to fund research that helps bring us one step closer to a cure 

Some more of the benefits available through Diabetes Australia’s membership program, to help your client live well with diabetes include:

  • Access to an online member community 
  • Monthly topics of interest within the online community 
  • Member only events  
  • Member only webinars and videos 
  • Access to our qualified Health Professionals via our 1800 number 
  • Access to our Diabetes Counselling Service
  • Quarterly member magazine Circle  
  • Monthly member e-newsletters                   
  • A great range of diabetes friendly recipes                  
  • Online shop benefits – diabetesshop.com – including FREE shipping for all members

Your clients located in Tasmania, New South Wales, ACT and Queensland can sign up for this free 3-month trial of membership by heading to: Trial member (diabetesaustralia.com.au) and enter the offer code of trialmember23 or they can call  1800 177 055.

For more information on Diabetes Australia’s broader membership program please head to their website (https://www.diabetesaustralia.com.au/membership/) or if you would like to talk to one of their team about how else they can assist your clients to live well with diabetes please email community@diabetesaustralia.com.au or call 1800 177 055. If you would also like some flyers to put in your waiting room or office, please let them know.

*If you and your clients are living in Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory or Western Australia, please contact your local diabetes organisation regarding membership.