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Read the latest edition of Australian Diabetes Research Review Diabetes_Research_Review_Issue_113

This edition features:

–  Dual SGLT-1/2 inhibition with sotagliflozin in T1DM
–  Adding semaglutide vs. sitagliptin in T2DM uncontrolled with metformin/sulfonylurea
–  Long-term weight loss with metformin or lifestyle intervention
–  Dapagliflozin ±saxagliptin in T2DM and CKD
–  Data-driven subgroups versus clinical feature models for T2DM progression/response
–  Suspend-before-low insulin pump technology in hypoglycaemia-prone T1DM
–  Primary care-led weight-management intervention for T2DM
–  Semaglutide added to SGLT-2 inhibitor in T2DM
–  Structured SMBG ±TeleCare support in non-insulin treated T2DM
–  Physical exercise and intermittently viewed CGM performance in T1DM

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