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Diabetes needles: forethought not afterthought

Diabetes needles: forethought not afterthought

Unifine® Pentips® Plus are the only needles with a built-in removal chamber for convenient needle change and storage.

The majority of people with diabetes reuse needles and over a third throw sharps into the household rubbish.

That’s sobering. It means it’s time to talk about the importance of needles in diabetes care.

Let’s reduce needle reuse

In tricky situations, people do the easiest thing – reuse the old needle.

Regular needles unintentionally lead to poor injection practices because they don’t provide any way to deal with the used needle if there’s no sharps box nearby.

That’s why it’s time for a needle designed for the reality of life with diabetes. One that simplifies living with diabetes and suits people of every age and lifestyle.

Welcome to Unifine® Pentips® Plus

Unifine® Pentips® Plus needles make it easier for your patients to use a fresh needle for each injection and dispose of it correctly each time.

How? By featuring a built-in removal chamber for convenient needle change and storage. With one hand and a flat surface, patients can cap and store the needle then put on a fresh one when it’s time for their next injection.

Our Safe Click Technology™ indicates when the used needle is secured into the locking chamber, providing a convenient solution for needle disposal on-the-go.

Watch how Unifine® Pentips® Plus work

Unifine® Pentips® Plus benefits patients

These needles:

  • Make good injecting practices easier to fit into a busy lifestyle
  • Reduce the risk of lipohypertropy and infections associated with needle reuse
  • Protect people from needlestick injuries.

They’re ideal for many different types of patients, enabling:

  • Kids with diabetes to safely cap their needle and get on with life at school, sport or playdates
  • Adventurous types to travel light – no need to take a sharp box on a 3-day hike
  • Busy people to easily cap and change a needle – no need for risky shortcuts anymore because it’s just as quick to do it the right way
  • Older people with arthritis or low vision to change a needle without struggling.

Get free sample packs

This initiative is part of a wider educational campaign.  We’re providing free sample packs of Unifine® Pentips® Plus needles to diabetes professionals who would like to support patients to develop better injecting habits. These needles are available in 5 needle lengths.

Order yours today by calling 1800 640 075 or place an order online.