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Webinar: Injection Technique Best Practice


1.0 CPD Hours


1 Hour



This webinar is for health professionals wanting to learn the best practice injection techniques for administering insulin.

Diabetes Qualified and Becton Dickinson (BD) developed this webinar for health professionals on best practice injection technique for administering insulin.

Topics covered in the webinar include

  1. Injection technique best practice
  2. Lipohypertrophy
  3. Safety engineered devices (SEDs)

Please note you must be a registered nurse or clinician to be able to administer insulin. This webinar provides an overview of best practice techniques for performing an injection and is not accredited training on using insulin.

Delivery Mode

The webinar is pre-recorded and delivered by Credentialed Diabetes Educators from Diabetes NSW & ACT. You can view the webinar and access recommend reading and resources online for up to 12 months after enrolment.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this webinar the learner will understand:

  • The importance of using a short pen needle & correct injection technique
  • Where and how to inject diabetes medication
  • The risks associated with re-using needles
  • How to correctly rotate injection sites to avoid complications
  • The prevalence and contributing factors to developing lipohypertrophy
  • The complications associated with lipohypertrophy
  • A step-by-step approach to implementing clinical best practice for detecting, treating and preventing lipohypertrophy
  • Reducing the risk of occupational needle stick injuries & blood borne disease transmission in diabetes management
  • The benefits of dual ended safety pen needles
  • How to choose an appropriate SED for injecting diabetes medications

You will also have access to further reading and resources in the learning management system.

CPD Certificate

On completion of the webinar. You will instantly receive a certificate in the learning management system to download for CPD records.

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Carolien K circle

Carolien Koreneff

Credentialled Diabetes Educator

Carolien is a Credentialled Diabetes Educator and Registered Nurse with more than 20 years’ experience. She also works for Diabetes NSW & ACT.

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Webinar: Injection Technique Best Practice
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