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Practical Diabetes for Childcare Educators


2 Hours


$40 AUD

This online education is for early childcare educators and support staff who are responsible for caring for a child diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

About the Practical Diabetes for Childcare Educators Course

This online education program is for early childcare based teachers and support staff who are responsible for caring for a child diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Staff working in a childcare centre, or a before or after school care facility, play an important part in supporting children with managing their diabetes.

In this course, you will learn what diabetes is, how it is managed, and also how you can support a child with diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes in children attending childcare. While type 2 diabetes is now being diagnosed more often in youth aged 10 to 18 years, it remains rare in children under 6 years old. As type 1 diabetes is the more prevalent form of diabetes in childcare, this course focuses on type 1 management.

This eLearning course consists of  8 topics and 1 quiz . It should take you about 2 hours to complete.

Please note: this training does not cover skills such as injecting insulin. Separate training will need to be completed with the child’s diabetes team and parents.

This program has been developed by credentialled diabetes educators and the design team from Diabetes Australia and Diabetes Qualified. Development of this program was funded by Sydney Local Health District.

Learning Outcomes

By completing this training you will know:

  • what diabetes is,
  • how it is managed, and
  • how you can support a child with diabetes

You will also learn about your role in supporting or supervising the child with managing their diabetes. This includes learning about your role in the delivery of insulin, and monitoring of glucose levels.

For diabetes information for kids, teens parents, carers and schools visit the As1kids website here

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8 Chapters cover the following topics:

  • Understanding diabetes
  • Monitoring glucose levels
  • Insulin delivery devices
  • Diabetes highs and lows
  • Diabetes emergency
  • Eating to manage diabetes
  • Being active
  • Supporting a child with diabetes

Knowledge Check

To successfully complete this eLearning course and receive your certificate, you need to pass the knowledge check quiz . The goal of the quiz is to check your understanding of the content of this course. There are 10 multiple choice questions, and you get 3 attempts to pass.


There are further reading resources provided for you to learn more about diabetes.


On completion of the course participants will instantly be able to download a certificate  of completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I go to get more information about children with type 1 diabetes?

    We have another online eLearning program specifically about how to care for children with type 1 diabetes:

    Looking after a child with diabetes – a FREE online course for family, friends, babysitters and nannies who care for a child with type 1 diabetes. In this one hour course you will learn what diabetes is, how it is managed and the equipment, information and instructions you will need to know from the parents.

    If you are looking for information for kids, teens, parents and carers you can also visit the as1diabetes website.

    Diabetes in Schools, is an initiative by Diabetes Australia. It provides information and a training program designed to support students with type 1 diabetes.

  • Do you offer training on how to administer insulin?

    Currently, we do not have practical training available for insulin administration, but are keen to do so in future. We are actively developing a course in insulin administration for disability support workers, aged care workers, and childcare workers. We anticipate its availability by mid-2024. If you would like to be kept up to date on the course, please fill out this form.

  • How do I access my certificate of completion?

    Once you have completed the 8 topics and 1 quiz as well as the feedback survey, you will be able to download your certificate of completion from your learning management portal.

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Practical Diabetes for Childcare Educators
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Reviews from our students


“It was clear, broken down well. it highlighted what diabetes is, how to help treat and signs and symptoms to look after. For me it helped me understand it well especially the part about the high and lows how to read that and what to do if they are too high or low.”

Shyann, Childcare Educator

“I feel like the content was very informative and I am more confident in my understanding of diabetes and subsequent management”

Ashleigh. Childcare Educator

” Great course, I got a lot of info to understand how I can help a child with diabetes. The knowledge i gained was very valuable in assisting the child who is coming to our centre”

Carmel, Childcare Educator