Diabetes in Practice for Practice Nurses

Cost: $395 AUD

12 months access


I found Diabetes in Practice for Practice Nurses very easy to understand, the modules flowed well and knowledge tests throughout the course were very helpful in assisting me to retain information. I filled my knowledge gaps about diabetes and the language to use when assisting people living with diabetes.

Sarah, eLearner, December 2017.

About Diabetes in Practice for Practice Nurses

As a Practice Nurse, you need to know quite a bit about diabetes and how to manage it. That’s exactly what this eLearning course is about. You’ll update your existing knowledge and be able to provide even better support to people diagnosed with diabetes.

Successfully completing the course will enable you to explain diabetes and how to manage it, and answer questions that might be asked in a consultation. You’ll also direct people to other health professionals in their diabetes team who can help them with individualised advice.

Delivery mode: online – 12 hours

CPD: 12 hours; this activity has been endorsed by APNA according to approved quality standards criteria.

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The eLearning modules will cover:

  1. Introduction
  2. Diabetes explained
  3. Risk factors for diabetes
  4. Blood glucose levels
  5. Chronic complications
  6. Acute complications – hypoglycaemia
  7. Acute complications – hyperglycaemia
  8. Blood glucose monitoring
  9. Living well with diabetes
  10. Healthy eating
  11. Physical activity
  12. Medications
  13. Prevention and detection of complications
  14. NDSS, diabetes organisations and medicare
  15. Supporting behaviour change
  16. Talking the talk
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It is a COMPLUSORY PRE-REQUISITE that you have completed the initial face to face program before completing this Refresher program, otherwise you are not eligible to become a BEAT IT Trainer. BEAT IT Trainer Refresher includes six modules which have been developed by Accredited Exercise Physiologists, Accredited Practising Dietitians and Credentialled Diabetes Educators. The content covers chronic disease in Australia, the physical activity guidelines, diabetes, acute & chronic complications, exercise considerations and recommendations, and nutrition for physical activity.

In addition to refreshing BEAT IT Trainers with how to run a successful BEAT IT program, with the program now includes the added bonuses of advertising and ongoing support. A mark of greater than 80% in required in order to successfully complete the program requirements.

Prior to registering into the online course, it is your responsibly to ensure you have a current CPR certificate and have completed the BEAT IT Trainer face to face program.