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But, it’s cold outside!

But, it’s cold outside!

Written by Bianca Penning – Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Wintertime, we know that it gets colder, darker, and harder to find the motivation to work out. The hardest part of exercising can often be simply finding the motivation to get dressed, get there, and get it done – whether it’s at the gym, the park, inside the house, or the local walking route. So, with colder temperatures, how can we encourage people to stick with their exercise routines and find the motivation to achieve their goals, no matter the season?

Highlight the positives

  • The sky is clearer in the winter months, resulting in beautiful colours, especially
    during sunrises and sunsets.
  • The post-exercise hot coffee always tastes better after a cold winter session.
  • Exercising boosts the immune system and helps fight off colds and illnesses that are often circulating at much higher rates in the colder months.
  • Emphasise the importance of staying physically and mentally healthy when living with diabetes.
  • Fresh air is good for the lungs, and for mental health. There is something refreshing about getting outside for a walk, layered up and breathing in some fresh, crisp winter air.

Ways to encourage motivation 

  • Encourage them to dress for the environment. With layers on, they can effectively adjust their outfit as they warmup.
  • Encourage preparation of exercise attire the night before, which will decrease the chance of them opting out because it’s ‘too hard’
  • If outdoor exercise isn’t an option, help your clients to find suitable indoor activities or spaces where they would be able to exercise.
  • Encourage creativity when it comes to indoor activities. This might include yoga, stretching, dancing, and even playing Wii sports games. These activities can be done in the comfort of their own home or assist your clients in finding suitable programs they can attend.
  • Remind them of the mood-boosting effects of exercise. The sun isn’t out for as long during the winter months, therefore this is extra important. 
  • Remind them that exercising increases blood circulation and warms a person up – less time sitting at home with the heater blasting!
  • Discuss the benefits of having a workout buddy and how this might help them to stay committed to exercising, even on the days when
    motivation is lacking.

Who can you turn to for more tips?

If you are feeling a bit stuck on ways to motivate your clients in the cooler months, remember you can always turn to your colleges for more tips or tricks to see what has helped their clients continue to achieve their goals, even in the colder months.