An appy balance

What do you get when you cross an endocrinologist and a software engineer? An avatar-based app that will help people with diabetes balance their blood glucose levels.

Stan Clark Chair and endocrinologist Professor Stephen Twigg and Associate Professor Rafael Calvo, a specialist in human interaction from the Charles Perkins Centre at the University of Sydney, have released details of the app which is expected to help empower people with diabetes to stick to their management regime by harnessing the kind of user engagement and immediacy normally found in games.

Diabetes NSW Diabetes Educator Lissa Kirkpatrick welcomed the announcement and said, “Poor blood glucose levels can have a very serious impact on the general health and wellbeing for people living with diabetes.”

While the app is still a work in progress, it is intended that the human-like ‘personality’ will be able to offer user’s feedback on their consistency in following their diabetes management plan, as well as providing goals.

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