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Accessing HbA1c results online through My Health Record

Accessing HbA1c results online through My Health Record

My Health Record is more accessible to clients than ever following the recent release of the my health app allowing a person to access, download, store and share their health information from their My Health Record.

Pathology reports are one of the important types of documents that healthcare providers can upload to a client’s My Health Record.

Importantly for people living with diabetes, HbA1c results can be uploaded by a pathology provider to their record allowing them to keep track of the checks they have had and when they had them, and monitor their results over time.

Up until recently, HbA1c results were available to a client to access 7 days after upload. This has now changed, if a pathology provider uploads HbA1c results to My Health Record they may be available as soon as they are uploaded.

A recent Diabetes Australia survey has revealed that many people with diabetes who responded to the online survey were not aware that they could access pathology reports, including HbA1c results, through My Health Record. Of those who were aware, very few had ever actually accessed HbA1c results through My Health Record.

Despite low awareness, the vast majority of people said they would find it useful to access their own HbA1c results through My Health Record.

For information about My Health Record, the my health app,  getting starting, privacy and how to manage their records clients can be directed to the digitalhealth.gov.au website. Clients may also find the Australian Digital Health Agency – Online Learning Portal’s live webinars and recordings about using My Health Record (including accessing pathology reports) valuable.  

By helping people living with diabetes to connect to their My Health Record and improving their awareness of its features you can help with their diabetes self-management.